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By Jeff Gould, SafeGov. A new survey by privacy advocate SafeGov of parents in a large American city confirms what most sensible people already believed: parents want corporate-sponsored advertising out of our schools. After spending much of the past two years asking parents in a dozen foreign countries how they feel about online privacy and… » read more

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By Jeff Gould The recently revived debate over the UK’s draft communications data bill and its so-called snoopers’ charter raises justifiable concerns about government attempts to monitor citizens’ internet browsing behaviour and email correspondence with the cooperation of private companies. The collection of data and the subsequent potential to engage in profiling or mining of… » read more

Posted by safegoveu and Ponemon Institute have released a study today that shows UK schools are moving rapidly to adopt Cloud Computing, but they overwhelmingly reject business models that allow cloud providers to mine student data for profit. The study presents a mixed picture of cloud services in UK schools: while a majority of schools expect to… » read more

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