By SafeGov Contributor, Karen Evans.

Earlier this year, Cloud Channel TV asked me to express my views on a number of topics related to data sovereignty and technology. This was months before the demise of Safe Harbor, and yet the same arguments hold. Our rules governing data are old and have failed to keep up with innovation. However, the intent behind those laws – protecting privacy while taking advantage of technology – is now more relevant than ever. We need to craft legislation that maximizes privacy and enhances technology, while providing a solid framework for law enforcement and national security. This will not be easy, but it is necessary.

Clip 1: Relevance of Microsoft’s Warrant Case


In another clip, I am discussing the role of the United States in the technology sphere. At this crucial moment for data governance, the U.S. needs to take on the task of changing the direction of our and our partners’ policies.

Clip 2: Perception of US Technology


Karen Evans serves as the National Director for the US Cyber Challenge, a nationwide program focused specifically on the cyber workforce. She is also an independent consultant in the areas of leadership, management and the strategic use of information technology. She retired after nearly 28 years of federal government service with responsibilities ranging from a GS-2 to Presidential Appointee as the Administrator for E-Government and Information Technology at the Office of Management and Budget within the Executive Office of the President. She oversaw the federal IT budget of nearly $71 billion which included implementation of IT throughout the federal government.

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