By Jeff Gould, SafeGov.

The seemingly endless stream of revelations from Edward Snowden about the surveillance activities of U.S. intelligence agencies have put the EU in a bind. Despite the occasional dark suspicions of American officials and media that the goal of EU policy is to hobble American power and influence, the truth is quite different.

But today, the EU needs America’s help in shoring up a strategic relationship that is vital to both sides.

The U.S. remains by far the EU’s most important trading partner, importing more than twice as much from the EU last year as China. And despite the EU’s evident desire to avoid conflict with Russia, China or Iran, the U.S. indisputably remains its only true strategic partner in world affairs. Putting aside the inevitable posturing of politicians for the benefit of local lobbies and voters—common on both sides of the Atlantic—no EU government seriously thinks of the U.S. relationship as anything less than indispensable.

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Jeff Gould has 20 years of experience in technology publishing and IT market research. Jeff currently serves as the president of SafeGov Inc.

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